Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Victory is Mine!

Yeah, finals are nuts, but it turns out other people aren't as bad as my when it comes to drawing comics quick. Today features the first guest strip of (hopefully)many. My good friend Jenny supplied us with this one. That buys me a week to actually do a new one, but finals are done ever so soon. My plan is to have a new one up by next wed so we'll see how it goes. I'll do real quick comic reviews here cause I just got back from the shop and I've gotta get back so studyin.

The New Avengers #19 - superawesome
Bendis is finally getting back on the ball. After a few snoozers of arcs, this is turning out much more awesome than I anticipated. And this one ends with a final page that should leave Morrison's X-Men fans with jaws dropped.

Batman #653 - supercool
Batman has been awesome ever since they slapped that 'One Year Later' sticker on it. While he makes a very small appearance in this one, we get a large look at Harvey Dent and how things came to be as they are. And not to ruin it, but the ending is something I both wanted and didnt want at the same time.

Thats is for now, back to pretending to study, or play NES, I haven't decided yet.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Really Stupid Stuff

RSS. Hot damn. After screwin around with subscribing to other sites, i made one for this. It contains comics and news posts and will update everytime either site is. Of course when i get the new site up and running this summer itll still do the same thing, but itll all be one site.
check it out if you have an RSS reader. I use Feedreader. Its nifty. I'm still toolin around with it, but I'm excited.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Its good to be a nerd

So I've skirted my blogging(is blogging spelled with one or two g's?) duties for long enough. First off is E3. Most of the stuff I was all super geeked out on has gone through my system by now, but I wanna touch on a few things. First the 'new' PS3 controller function. Now I love Sony, but they lost that lawsuit about rumble, so replaced it with motion sensoring. Definately bummed about that. But what this really means is that Nintendo's job is already done. They promised a revolution, and now two of the three next gen systems uses motion sensoring. While PS3's is no where near the funtionality of the Wii, its still there and both will change the way we play games. Speaking of the Wii, only a few games make me want to get one, and basically they're all sequels to the only GC games that I wanted. Nintendo knows their shit, Warioware, Smash, Mario Galaxy, Metroid, these are all great. The problem is they don't know how to share the wealth. If it weren't for Nintendo making its own games, they wouldve been done years ago. If only they were able to get 3rd parties to do some of the same stuff, they'd be set. Now I realize there are more 3rd parties set up for the Wii this time around then there were on the Cube, but that doesnt mean those will all be good games. Either way, I'll probably pick one up if only for the fact that Snake is in the new smash bros. Apparently Hideo begged to get snake in the game, but what they fail to mention is that Nintendo begged to get the orignal designer of the past two smash bros to come back and make a new one. Whatever, good games is good games. MGS4 looked awesome, as all metal gears do, like Metal Gear: Portable Ops, finally a reason to play more than just Lumines and Mega Man on my PSP. There are definately good games comin out on all sides and this is gonna be one hell of a console generation. Oh, and they showed more Dead Rising on the 360, the only reason that I would ever own a 360...and they're this close to gettin me.

Also, the Justice League Unlimited thing. Back in 1992, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini had an idea for a new Batman cartoon. Little did they know that they would go on for 80-some episodes of Batman, a Superman cartoon, Batman Beyond, and the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. 14 years, not bad guys. It is sad to see this legendary run come to a close but at least they're all comin out on dvds and we can watch them all over and over again.

As for the comic...its finals time around here. Im goin crazy just doin work and trying to get a wee bit(or wii bit, eh?) of gamin in to save me. I've talked to a few people who want to do guest strips and now the race is on for me to get one done before they do. When the summer hits, updates should become much more regular as I will no longer have homework to worry about. This will be my last communication for a while so enjoy it.

And comic reviews will also make a comeback with a new feature where I review dollar bin comics and see how they stack up today. It should be fun. And on one final note, Moon Knight #2 is amazing. Go buy it now.

Monday, May 15, 2006

yay for videogames

Well, it's been a while hasnt it? I'll rant on about E3 and the revelations of one of the most geekified events of the year later. Sorry about the lack of updates/comics. E3 sucked up a good chunk of my time and the semester is coming to a close here so I'm swamped with finals and projects. I should be able to get a few out by the end of the week. Also, a guest strip should be coming along at some point. Also, if anyone wants to do a guest strip for any reason, just leave a comment or shoot me and email and we'll hammer out the details. I'd love to see other people's take on my meager characters. Or maybe even the creation of new ones I can use in future strips. Anyway, just throwin it out there. Over the summer this should be moving to a full on website complete with domain name and all so you wont have to jump around between pages like it does now. Look forward to some interesting changes. Oh, also I'll be rambling on about the ending of Timm and Dini's run on DC's animated universe. Ok, now you know what youll see soon enough, now im off to continue studyin and such. Until next time, keep smokin those cigs snake...and fighting pikachu?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Three comics in 6 days, nuts. New one's up Here. Full post coming later, comic time

Ok, this was a HUGE comic week so I'm gonna forgo the usual rant about nothing in particular and get right into comic reviews. Quick reminder best to worst: supercool, superawesome, superneat, superok, superlame.
Civil War #1 - supercool
Now this is the way to start a huge 'change everything' crossover. Mark Millar hits every note of this issue perfectly and this are set up to actually cause some real changes. Also Steve McNiven is doing some of his best work yet. Great team and I can't wait to see #2 and get some real lines drawn.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 - superok
Mike Wieringo is back on art duties and its great, however this book just isn't doin it for me anymore. Peter David is great at writing Spider-Man, it's just that his story ideas are not that interesting or original. This issue just felt a lot like filler that could have been done in about a third as many pages. This title is teetering on the line of being dropped.

Ultimate Spider-Man #94 - superok
This week has not been kind to ol' webhead. This issue finishes of the Deadpool arc in disappointing fashion. Spidey feels like a guest in his own book and this Ultimate Deadpool doesn't interest me in one bit. Here's hopin the arrival of Morbius provides some better stories.

Infinite Crisis #7 - supercool
If Civil War is the way to start a crossover, Ininite Crisis #7 is the way to end one. Everything gets wrapped up and I got chill multiple times during this issue, one specifically when the two Supermen teamed up to take on Doomsday. It's nice to see how everything leads into 52, although I prob wont be able to pick that up. Great ending and a great successor to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Detective Comics #819 - superawesome
Robinson continues this great Face the Face arc that makes Batman just great. Not too much happens here, but its still a great Batman story and I'm really lookin forward to see whats goin on with Harvey Dent.

Supergirl #6 - superneat
Rucka puts in a good issue and...what?, thats his only issue? damn. Yeah, apparently he decided to drop this book before he even got started. This whole damn thing is confusing and I'll be interested to see if this new writer can keep this series intersting and maybe explain what the hell is going on.

TMNT #27 - superneat
Peter Laird continues his outrageously slow run on the new TMNT and it has yet to live up to its potential. Again we get a bunch of mini parts of stories that dont add up to a whole. This is moving along decently, but I really wish it would pick the hell up.

Tales of the TMNT #22 - superawesome
Now THIS is how the ninja turtles are supposed to feel. This is a great story with some awesome art when the foot were still a threat. I love this book top to bottom and I can't wait until they start their Leanardo mini. Great stuff, if you like ninja turtles, this is definately worth a try.

Well thats all for me. Overall this was a good week with a few duds, but mainly just a good solid comic week. And I sure hope next week is a lot lighter because my wallet cant take too many more weeks like this.

Monday, May 01, 2006

And I was all like Wiiiiiiii

Ok, the next COMIC is up. That makes up for the two Weds I missed and if all goes according to plan, another one will be up by this Wed. I know I promised comic reviews last time, but I don't have them on hand to do anymore so I'll just say Asonishing X-Men is definately worth checking out. Oh, and Villians United was awesome. Some real reviews will be comin your way on this Wed when both Infinite Crisis #7 and Civil War #1 come out. Talk about your Nerdgasms. I'm sure you've all heard about Wii(pronounced 'we'). And I've gotten most of the puns out of my system by now...except this one: 'I can't wait to have everyone come over and play with my Wii all night long'. Whatever Nintendo, we all know you're crazy, just make good with the games. I thought I had more to rant about, o wait, i kinda do. E3 is about a week away and I'm freakin pumped. I should get a comic up next week as well, but its hard to tell considering what kinda news is goin on if i get a chance or if im too busy starin at videos of games that I'll have to wait months to play. Yeah, that just about does it, until Wed, keep your locoroco in check.

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