Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ah, The Pixel

One Pixel. One Pixel started it all. One Pixel bouncing back and forth in an attempt to capture the fun of table-tennis in a program. One Pixel has evolved into millions of polygons. Ah, the Polygon. Some of you will remember the first mascot to use the polygon. And while im on the Sony side of things these days, they had the worst idea ever in polygon man. It was this awful creepy purple spikey dude, but it did show us the future, whether we knew it or not. It's hard, hell maybe even close to impossible, to find a game that is not touched by polygons in some way. And now we have a (sorta) real reason to celebrate these wonders, the pixel and the polygon. Hell, they've even worked together in some good ones. But anyway, the wonderful people at CAD came up with Winter-Een-Mas. A glorious idea to celebrate games.
I for one know im tired of having to defend my choice of relaxation to freakin everyone. It is almost always referred to as a 'waste of time' by those that don't get it. Going by that logic, watching TV is a waste of time, or a movie, hell even reading. You can do all by yourself in solitary confinement but video games is the one that gets picked on. If only these people would take one minute to look at what games do, they bring people together, and they can have the most engrossing story better than any movie. But, ya know what? I'm not going to bother defending them here, this is my house(props stewie), and I'll do whatever I damn well please. So I beg of you, sometime in the next week, play a game. Any kind, and do it with friends, its not that you sit down and tell everyone how you played gta for 10 hours, its having friends there to enjoy those 10 hours with you. I know I have a few plans in mind. Tomorrow it's s/nes time, and beyond that who knows, but it'll be awesome. Oh, and by the way, I BEAT ALL SONGS ON GUITAR HERO ON EXPERT!!! (yes, even 'cowboys from hell' and 'bark at the moon')
So, now that that's over with, here's to you Pixel. Your days may be numbered, but you will never be forgotten.

even the losers get lucky somtimes

Monday, January 02, 2006

Superhero's Playlists

So I'm sittin around readin comics listening to my music and I start thinking, 'what would these guys listen to while they're relaxin.' So here's my guesses:
Batman - Johnny Cash; it just seems like they'd get along well
Superman - Allman Brothers; you don't grow up on a farm and not listen to them
Wonder Woman - The Donnas; the song 'take it off' seems to be what she'd do
Spider-Man - Bruce Springsteen; both are the everyman, just seems natural
Wolverine - AC/DC; he just needs that guitar
Captain America - CCR; he's ironic like that
The Hulk - The Bee Gees; underneath that green skin is a man achin' to dance
Blade - The Band; dunno why, just have a feelin'
Deadpool - Grand Funk Railroad; if you know who he is, it makes sense
Daredevil - Rush; a blind dude needs nutso sounds
Punisher - Todd Rundgren; he can't be that angry all the damn time
Supergirl - Jay-Z; shes likes to be a rebel
Marv - Led Zepplin; come on, a guy that kicks that much ass has to
And there you have it, maybe ill do super villians next time.

Oh, and it appears it's a new year. Here's to new beginnings, new hope, and new experiences. I hope the new year brings some good to you all. Hopefully I'll see ya there.

love is a burnin' thing