Thursday, July 27, 2006

Holy Poopenbloggen

Alright, time for another useless update on my goings on. The full time job is still going strong as you can tell from the lack of updates. Just a quick update on '30 extra lives' here, I am still writing outrageous amounts of scripts. The next one I do will be another 3 parter. Dont know if Im gonna do them all at once or maybe go back to the once a week thing. Ive got this job for another two weeks, after that Ive got about 5 or 6 days before I go to maine with a special someone and then school starts up again, so Im gonna try and, at the very least, get a bunch of pencils down on a lot of comics. Im pretty sure Im gonna keep coloring them because I think it give it more pop. Also Im gonna try and get some basic backgrounds down that I can use so its not so boring with a white background. I do plan on purchasing a domain very soon and when that day comes you'll be the first to know, but I would say within the month. Im also trying to redesign the comics site to incorporate both this thing and the comics. Im debating about whether to migrate these posts over to the new site or just keep these here with external links. But thats for me to worry about.

I went and saw Clerks II over the past weekend. When I first came out of the theater, my response to 'what did you think' was a resounding 'meh' but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I definately plan on giving it a rewatch when the dvd drops and see what I think of it then.

On to real comics news: Ultimate Spiderman is finally picking up and Im happy Im still getting it. Supergirl was also dropped along with friendly neighborhood spiderman. I did pick up a tpb called Bomb Queen: WMD(woman of mass destruction) and loved it. Absolutely hilarious and just a great read, although not for the kiddies, thats for damn sure. Civil War just keeps getting better with a return of a major character in #3. Oh, and for those who dont know, Civil War is Marvel's big crossover of the summer/fall and involved the Superhuman Registration Act that requires all superheroes to register their identities with the government and causes a rift in the universe leading to a ::drum roll:: Civil War! And while Avengers were the lead of the first big crossover in this trilogy with Dissasembled, and the X-Men in House of M, Spider-Man is definately the focal point of Civil War and I couldnt be happier. Speaking of the big Spider, Im gonna pick up this shoit tonight that has the 60s animated Peter Parker head saying "My spider sense is tingling!" Just all kinds of hilarious.

And in childhood wet dream/nerdgasm news, the new TMNT trailer is up and looks all kinds of awesome. There's also an interview about the game all over the web. Both look amazing and March just cannot get here soon enough. I loves me my toitles. And I think that just about covers it, Im getting my comics later tonight as well so if I have the energy, Ill try and throw up some reviews.

holdin my hand just as natural as can be

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Do Wah Diddy

Well, its been quite a while huh? About a month and a week since the last update. See the thing is I got a full time job so that takes all of my time, and thats sitting in front of a computer so usually the last thing I want to do once I get home is to sit in front of a computer. Anyway, some quick movie reviews and update on the comic are in order.

Lets cover the comic first. Now that Im at home, ive lost access to a scanner. I can run into the library in newark, but usually im just not up for it. With the loss of the scanner comes a huge delay in the comic. Im still sittin on a crap load of scripts and keep writing new ones every few days as things pop into my head. So when I get a scanner back they'll be plenty of updates. But yeah, until then the comic is on haitus, which may last until the end of summer.

Now about movies, I went to see X3 and Superman Returns. Ok, X3, I went into it with such low expectations I came out satisfied. Sure it wasnt as good as it would have been if Singer was behind it, but I think the way they went about the cure was interesting even though there were fair amounts of plot holes. Like why didnt they cure Jean instead? But some of the depowerings were surprising and I like to be surprised. It was decent, and while I cant entirely recommend it to anyone, a fan of the X-Men should enjoy it as long as the understand its a different interpretation of the characters they know from the comics or the cartoon.

As for I wish Singer stayed on X-Men, Superman was awesome. Everything youd want from a Superman film. While a few of the shots annoyed me because it was very predictable like when a helicopter falls out of frame and you're supposed to go "Oh no, they're gonna die!" But then the camera stays put and it comes back into frame. He did that a few too many times. Also, Im not so sure how i feel about the kid aspect, its interesting, but Superman can never be with Lois without breaking up a family...just kind of depressing. But these are just a few hangups in an otherwise brilliant film. Long live Singer and him directing movies with people running around in tights.

I think thats about it, Im still readin comics and all, just no energy to post reviews. Civil War is awesome, Ultimate Spider-Man is realllly dragging and I quit on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man. But the trailer for Spider-man 3 is out, looks all kinds of awesome. Ok, thats it for now, expect more sporadic updates as the summer progresses

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Victory is Mine!

Yeah, finals are nuts, but it turns out other people aren't as bad as my when it comes to drawing comics quick. Today features the first guest strip of (hopefully)many. My good friend Jenny supplied us with this one. That buys me a week to actually do a new one, but finals are done ever so soon. My plan is to have a new one up by next wed so we'll see how it goes. I'll do real quick comic reviews here cause I just got back from the shop and I've gotta get back so studyin.

The New Avengers #19 - superawesome
Bendis is finally getting back on the ball. After a few snoozers of arcs, this is turning out much more awesome than I anticipated. And this one ends with a final page that should leave Morrison's X-Men fans with jaws dropped.

Batman #653 - supercool
Batman has been awesome ever since they slapped that 'One Year Later' sticker on it. While he makes a very small appearance in this one, we get a large look at Harvey Dent and how things came to be as they are. And not to ruin it, but the ending is something I both wanted and didnt want at the same time.

Thats is for now, back to pretending to study, or play NES, I haven't decided yet.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Really Stupid Stuff

RSS. Hot damn. After screwin around with subscribing to other sites, i made one for this. It contains comics and news posts and will update everytime either site is. Of course when i get the new site up and running this summer itll still do the same thing, but itll all be one site.
check it out if you have an RSS reader. I use Feedreader. Its nifty. I'm still toolin around with it, but I'm excited.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Its good to be a nerd

So I've skirted my blogging(is blogging spelled with one or two g's?) duties for long enough. First off is E3. Most of the stuff I was all super geeked out on has gone through my system by now, but I wanna touch on a few things. First the 'new' PS3 controller function. Now I love Sony, but they lost that lawsuit about rumble, so replaced it with motion sensoring. Definately bummed about that. But what this really means is that Nintendo's job is already done. They promised a revolution, and now two of the three next gen systems uses motion sensoring. While PS3's is no where near the funtionality of the Wii, its still there and both will change the way we play games. Speaking of the Wii, only a few games make me want to get one, and basically they're all sequels to the only GC games that I wanted. Nintendo knows their shit, Warioware, Smash, Mario Galaxy, Metroid, these are all great. The problem is they don't know how to share the wealth. If it weren't for Nintendo making its own games, they wouldve been done years ago. If only they were able to get 3rd parties to do some of the same stuff, they'd be set. Now I realize there are more 3rd parties set up for the Wii this time around then there were on the Cube, but that doesnt mean those will all be good games. Either way, I'll probably pick one up if only for the fact that Snake is in the new smash bros. Apparently Hideo begged to get snake in the game, but what they fail to mention is that Nintendo begged to get the orignal designer of the past two smash bros to come back and make a new one. Whatever, good games is good games. MGS4 looked awesome, as all metal gears do, like Metal Gear: Portable Ops, finally a reason to play more than just Lumines and Mega Man on my PSP. There are definately good games comin out on all sides and this is gonna be one hell of a console generation. Oh, and they showed more Dead Rising on the 360, the only reason that I would ever own a 360...and they're this close to gettin me.

Also, the Justice League Unlimited thing. Back in 1992, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini had an idea for a new Batman cartoon. Little did they know that they would go on for 80-some episodes of Batman, a Superman cartoon, Batman Beyond, and the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. 14 years, not bad guys. It is sad to see this legendary run come to a close but at least they're all comin out on dvds and we can watch them all over and over again.

As for the comic...its finals time around here. Im goin crazy just doin work and trying to get a wee bit(or wii bit, eh?) of gamin in to save me. I've talked to a few people who want to do guest strips and now the race is on for me to get one done before they do. When the summer hits, updates should become much more regular as I will no longer have homework to worry about. This will be my last communication for a while so enjoy it.

And comic reviews will also make a comeback with a new feature where I review dollar bin comics and see how they stack up today. It should be fun. And on one final note, Moon Knight #2 is amazing. Go buy it now.

Monday, May 15, 2006

yay for videogames

Well, it's been a while hasnt it? I'll rant on about E3 and the revelations of one of the most geekified events of the year later. Sorry about the lack of updates/comics. E3 sucked up a good chunk of my time and the semester is coming to a close here so I'm swamped with finals and projects. I should be able to get a few out by the end of the week. Also, a guest strip should be coming along at some point. Also, if anyone wants to do a guest strip for any reason, just leave a comment or shoot me and email and we'll hammer out the details. I'd love to see other people's take on my meager characters. Or maybe even the creation of new ones I can use in future strips. Anyway, just throwin it out there. Over the summer this should be moving to a full on website complete with domain name and all so you wont have to jump around between pages like it does now. Look forward to some interesting changes. Oh, also I'll be rambling on about the ending of Timm and Dini's run on DC's animated universe. Ok, now you know what youll see soon enough, now im off to continue studyin and such. Until next time, keep smokin those cigs snake...and fighting pikachu?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Three comics in 6 days, nuts. New one's up Here. Full post coming later, comic time

Ok, this was a HUGE comic week so I'm gonna forgo the usual rant about nothing in particular and get right into comic reviews. Quick reminder best to worst: supercool, superawesome, superneat, superok, superlame.
Civil War #1 - supercool
Now this is the way to start a huge 'change everything' crossover. Mark Millar hits every note of this issue perfectly and this are set up to actually cause some real changes. Also Steve McNiven is doing some of his best work yet. Great team and I can't wait to see #2 and get some real lines drawn.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 - superok
Mike Wieringo is back on art duties and its great, however this book just isn't doin it for me anymore. Peter David is great at writing Spider-Man, it's just that his story ideas are not that interesting or original. This issue just felt a lot like filler that could have been done in about a third as many pages. This title is teetering on the line of being dropped.

Ultimate Spider-Man #94 - superok
This week has not been kind to ol' webhead. This issue finishes of the Deadpool arc in disappointing fashion. Spidey feels like a guest in his own book and this Ultimate Deadpool doesn't interest me in one bit. Here's hopin the arrival of Morbius provides some better stories.

Infinite Crisis #7 - supercool
If Civil War is the way to start a crossover, Ininite Crisis #7 is the way to end one. Everything gets wrapped up and I got chill multiple times during this issue, one specifically when the two Supermen teamed up to take on Doomsday. It's nice to see how everything leads into 52, although I prob wont be able to pick that up. Great ending and a great successor to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Detective Comics #819 - superawesome
Robinson continues this great Face the Face arc that makes Batman just great. Not too much happens here, but its still a great Batman story and I'm really lookin forward to see whats goin on with Harvey Dent.

Supergirl #6 - superneat
Rucka puts in a good issue and...what?, thats his only issue? damn. Yeah, apparently he decided to drop this book before he even got started. This whole damn thing is confusing and I'll be interested to see if this new writer can keep this series intersting and maybe explain what the hell is going on.

TMNT #27 - superneat
Peter Laird continues his outrageously slow run on the new TMNT and it has yet to live up to its potential. Again we get a bunch of mini parts of stories that dont add up to a whole. This is moving along decently, but I really wish it would pick the hell up.

Tales of the TMNT #22 - superawesome
Now THIS is how the ninja turtles are supposed to feel. This is a great story with some awesome art when the foot were still a threat. I love this book top to bottom and I can't wait until they start their Leanardo mini. Great stuff, if you like ninja turtles, this is definately worth a try.

Well thats all for me. Overall this was a good week with a few duds, but mainly just a good solid comic week. And I sure hope next week is a lot lighter because my wallet cant take too many more weeks like this.

Monday, May 01, 2006

And I was all like Wiiiiiiii

Ok, the next COMIC is up. That makes up for the two Weds I missed and if all goes according to plan, another one will be up by this Wed. I know I promised comic reviews last time, but I don't have them on hand to do anymore so I'll just say Asonishing X-Men is definately worth checking out. Oh, and Villians United was awesome. Some real reviews will be comin your way on this Wed when both Infinite Crisis #7 and Civil War #1 come out. Talk about your Nerdgasms. I'm sure you've all heard about Wii(pronounced 'we'). And I've gotten most of the puns out of my system by now...except this one: 'I can't wait to have everyone come over and play with my Wii all night long'. Whatever Nintendo, we all know you're crazy, just make good with the games. I thought I had more to rant about, o wait, i kinda do. E3 is about a week away and I'm freakin pumped. I should get a comic up next week as well, but its hard to tell considering what kinda news is goin on if i get a chance or if im too busy starin at videos of games that I'll have to wait months to play. Yeah, that just about does it, until Wed, keep your locoroco in check.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

I hate school

Well, It's been over two weeks. Just when I thought the comic was gettin back on schedule, I manage to screw that up again. I'm here to reasure you though, I'm gonna pump out the next two comics today and try and get back on sched so the new one should be up by wed. Also, when I get the comics up, I'll update with some comic reviews. I'm sure you've all heard about the Wii. I'm not Nintendo's biggest fan, but damn do they have some balls. And It'll give them the separation they want from PlayBox and such. Plus it gives them another out if they do as bad this time around in the system sales department as they did with the cube in comparison to their competitors. Be back later with an update of ultimate proportions.

New COMIC is finally up. A Slight change of plans though, this arc comes to a close with this comic and I'm hoping to get another one up by the end of the weekend, but worse comes to worse, I'll be back on sched with wednesday. Also, sorry for the shodiness of this one, I apparently forgot how to draw.

havin a good time

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back on Top

The comic is finally back on schedule. New one's up here. Comic reviews will be up later today. Oh, and it turns out, if you play violent video games, you are predisposed to abuse alcohol, drugs, and have sex without a condom. Who knew?

And I'm back with some comic reviews. Actually got my Moon Knight today so thats what we'll start off with.
Moon Knight #1 - supercool
It's about damn time a competent writer does justice to Doug Moench(the Moon Knight creator/definer). This issue, while a quick read, throws quite the twist in at the end. I read the previews over and over again and nothing prepared me for the end of this. I can't wait for the next issue. Also, it didnt hurt that Finch is the artist and is doing some of his best work yet.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #7 - superneat
This finally shows some good writing on the part of Peter David, it's too bad the idea isn't all that original and it kinda falls apart towards the end. But even so, this book is stayin on my pull list as David shows he knows how to inject the right Spider-man type comedy into any situation.

Ultimate Spider-Man #93 - superawesome
This has some nice action and some good Deadpool. And there's never enough of Deadpool. Bendis writes another great issue and is back on top when it comes to Spider-Man and Bagley never lets up with the action. Great story, and theres a nice twist at the end that will probably throw most people for a loop, although I think I know whats up with that.

Transformers: Infiltration #4 - superneat
Not too much happens throughout the issue, some new plot threads are thrown in there but nothing too alarming...that is until the end. The last page makes this issue worth the buy and is definately keeping me on for the next one.

American Virgin #2 - superawesome
This is quite the interesting read. An odd concept to make a comic about but with some great characters and another great final page, I can't wait to see where else this crazy book is going to lead.

cause time is really all that i need

Sunday, April 09, 2006

There ya go wee lass

Finally, fixed the typos and got some word bubbles. Either click the link on the right side, the one in the last post, or the one right here and enjoy!

Friday, April 07, 2006


Ok, as promised here the new COMIC. Khonshu is the Moon god of Vengeance in Moon Knight. enjoy! Oh, and sorry about the word bubbles, i just got a bit pissed off at photoshop. Aw damn, also it should say 'To be continued' ::sigh:: ill fix it all later.


Well, another comic day has come and gone, and I am without Moon Knight. As much as I obsses over him, the comic shop sold out before I got mine. Well, that leads into the next few comics, I've put the work I did over spring break on the back burner because, well, this is just more pressing. This is my first attempt at an arc which should prove interesting and it will be up later in the day. Moving on, Microsoft bought mate? Lionhead only made games for windows anyway, seems like a bit of confusion. Also, Rockstar's new game is (drum roll please)...Table Tennis? Yeah, quite the odd week in the world of videogames. O well, on with the comic reviews, it was a big week. Quick reminder of the review policy:
From best to worst - supercool, superawesome, superneat, superok, superlame

Marvel starts us off:
Marvel Zombies #5 of 5 - superawesome
This mini is sadly over. This is a solid read with plenty of surprises and quite the action, and the cover alone is worth the price. Definately check this one out if you dont have a problem with a bit of the ol' blood and gore.

The Punisher #32 - superneat
A pretty interesting issue, but doesn't really move anything along but show how this barracuda dude is angry and some guy cries to Frank. I'm hopin the next issue moves things along better.

Ultimate Spider-Man #92 - superneat
For a Deadpool arc, he's not very involved yet. This was another solid issue and finally brings the X-Men into the book, considering how long Pete and Kitty have been goin out, its about time. And dont forget about "Big Giant Russian Metal Man" otherwise known as Colossus.

Ultimate X-Men #69 - superok
What? Only superok on a Kirkman book? Well, this isn't his fault, it's the artists fault. The question of the Phoenix is brought up once again by the Shi'ar and theres some other goings on in the mansion, but Oliver's art does not suit this book at all. Here's hopin they get another artist for the rest of this arc.

Whats that? Oh, you want a turn DC, well...ok:
Detective Comics #818 - superawesome
Another great Batman book, and the identity of whom is finally revealed. Another villian is murdered and things just get crazy. Im really hoping this leads to the return of Two Face, as the cover is kinda screamin that fact. If you like Batman, this is not one to miss.

Infinite Crisis #6 - supercool
Wow, just wow. This issue finally puts all the crazy crap together and things really start happening. I can't say much else without spoiling things, but damn, this was a great issue and I can't wait for #7.

Inifinte Crisis Special: The OMAC Project #1 - superok
The OMAC Project was one of my favorite lead ins to Infinite Crisis so I was expecting more I guess. This was really just an extra story that was never really in question anyway. A decent conclusion to the mini, but not worth the $5 cover price.

Finally Image gets its turn:
The Walking Dead #27 - superawesome
This series just keeps getting better, after a misprint last week, I'm even more happy with this issue. After a bit of a lull around #24, Kirkman has kicked up the awesome meter to new heights. If you like zombies at all, please give this book a look.

Ok, thats all for now, as mentioned earlier, new comic will be up later in the day. See ya then.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wait, What?

Today was the weirdest comic day of all time. First I get there about 5 minutes late, then there's freakin no one in there. So I think to myself 'self, this is quite odd, o well, better just grab my comics.' I go to my box to find that they pulled NOTHING for me. I should have had about 6 books waiting for me, instead, nada. So I gotta go get all my books myself, which isnt too bad, except they were out of Ultimate Spider-Man. You mean to tell me that the second Deadpool issue is not here? WTF mate? To top it all off, well, ill get to the problems I ran into later in the reviews, speakin of which: enjoy!

Ok, first off I've devised a new way to review books, I came up with a rating of sorts

supercool - can't miss, no reason you shouldn't plunk down your money
superawesome - great book, if your a fan of good stories, you should check it out
superneat - good story, nothing special to go out of your way for, but shouldnt miss if you were plannin on grabbin it
superok - decent at best, not terrible, but maybe best saved for a borrow from a friend
superlame - just plain awful, avoid at all costs

Lets start this off
First is Marvel
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #5 - superawesome
Finally this mini starts to come together and Xavier finally shows and hes...well, i wont ruin it for you. But if that excites you, dont miss out. I'm lookin forward tot he final issue, should be a blast.
The New Avengers: Illuminati - superneat
Intersting explanation of things and leads nicely into Civil War, but not that great of a story and feels a bit rushed. Best part is the three page preview of Civil War #1 in the back.

Now its DC's turn
All Star Superman #3 - superneat
Lays some intersting threads for the rest of the 12 issue(i assume) run. Morrison is the best thing to happen to Superman in a long time and its worth checkin out.
Batman: Year 100 #1&2 - supercool
This book is just amazing. It's like the spiritual sequel to Frank Miller's Return of the Dark Knight. I came a bit late on this one, but if you're a fan of Batman, or great comics in general, do yourself a favor and hunt this one down because it should not be missed by anyone.

Time for indies Mirage is first
Tales of the TMNT #21 - superneat
If you're a fan of old school turtles, this shouldn't be missed. A good story but nothing as spectacular as this series has shown in the past.

Next is Virtigo(which is a DC joint i believe)
DMZ #5 - superawesome
Brian Wood's other book, Supermarket, is my book of the month two months running so i figured Id check out DMZ. This was a very good read with an interesting take on a demilitarized manhattan in the future I assume. Cool story and characters and I may have another book to add to my pull list depending on how the next issue goes.

And finally Image
Invicible #30 - superneat
Kudos to Kirkman finally gettin this book back on schedule. A solid read as always from Kirkman, but not all that amazing, it more just wraps up the previous arc and sets some things in place for a while to come.
Walking Dead #27 - superlame
Well, my copy was anyway. To add to the worst comic day of all time, my copy was misprinted and i got the first half repeated twice. Hopefully full review will be up tomorrow when i replace it. The lesson here is to flip through this book to make sure the whole issue is there before buying it.

Also, a quick update on the comics, finally settled on the next few and started layouts in the ol' noggin. Pencils should be gettin down tomorrow and we should be set for a while.

im gonna play it regardless

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ah, Spring Break

It's quite a wonderful feeling. A week of nothing. While I don't exactly do much work while school's in session, I feel like less of a slacker when I don't do anything when shool's out. For once im just gonna relax, read some comics, catch up on video games, and sleep lots. It's been a while since the last comic and such, so I'll be using spring break to pencil the next months worth at least so that they can go up in a regular fashion. And it's a bit late, and will include last weeks, but heres some comic reviews.

Lets switch things up by going with DC first this time. Detective Comics #817 and Batman #651, parts one and two of 'Face the Face' arc which is 8 parts and crosses over both titles. I believe it all ends with the return of Two Face, who had his face fixed, but it turns out, he's still nuts. Good reads overall, nice feeling to them. Really the first good batman story ive read in a long while. Now, Infinite Crisis: Secret Files, sheds some light on what happened between the last crisis and this one. And interesting read that fills in some gaps, but nothing sensational.

Now for Marvel, New Avengers #17, great read, great art, starts to make some sense out of what will lead into Civil War. Plus Deodato is handlin the art so im a bit biased here. Next, two Spider-men, Friendly Neighborhood #6, Peter David continues to prove why he should write a spider-man series. This one feels a bit disjointed and I was sad to see that Wieringo didn't handle the interiors, but Cruz does a good enough job. Amazing #530, this really leads into Civil War, I mean, on the cover it says "Road to Civil War". Tony and Pete go to Washington to talk about the superhuman registration act, and then spidey's new costume gets an upgrade. Pretty good read, but feels more like its trying to hard to be a civil war lead in than a good spidey story. Now the Ultimate line, only one this time: Ultimate X-Men, Kirkman finishes off his first 3 part arc amazingly and Tom Raney does great on art. I'm loving his take and theres a nice twist at the end. Also, it was announced at Wizard World in LA that he will be the new permanent writer for UXM in the near future. This makes me a happy nerd.

Now, Kirkman had another book come out, this one through Image: Walking Dead. This series is definately starting to pick up steam again and leads to a very interesting revelation which should push this title to greater goodness.

Finally we have IDW, Supermarket #2 is out and its amazing. Brian Wood does it again and the art is just great. I think I'm going to have to name this book of the month two months in a row unless something blows me away next week. There is not reason you should be missing this one. Next we have Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty #5, its starting to take some liberties on the story in the game which is cool. Not the best read if you don't know the game, but if you're a fan, check it out.

Everything should be back on schedule after Spring Break so expect some more hilarity to come by way of comic and rambling posts. Oh, also I may start reviewing video games here to so you can look forward to that. Until next time, I'll be the blue guy stealing everyone's weapon.

it was gonna happen anyway

Monday, March 20, 2006


No new comic here, no comic reviews, right now its about 330am and theres no end in sight to my work. It appears this will be my first real all nighter. Yup, three years of college almost gone and this is my first, also the first time I ever drank coffee, nuts huh? So anyway, ive decide to chronicle the events of the night cause i thought it might be funny.

1150pm - started to get tired so decided to take the plunge. walked up to dunkin donuts and bought my first coffee ever: french vinilla.

1230am - finally settled down to start workin on my AI project thats due in about 34 hours

2am - coffee almost gone and i just realized the the last hour and a half of work was useless so i have to start all over again. also, computer starts bein super gay and i have to restart it

215am - caffiene kicks into high gear and i go nuts for a good 15-30 mins

300am - still goin nuts on caffiene, but settles enough to get lots of work done

330am - all work done between 300am and now doesnt work, gotta debug this mothafucka

335am - just realized work done between 300-330 useless, starting over #2

400am - finally have something working, but still have a ways to go before i can get to sleepy sleeps. also caffiene high starting to crash, feel tired in head region, but eyes refuse to shut, which is good cause i need to stay awake

415am - just realized i stopped my music about 45mins ago when i went to the bathroom, turned it back on and opened bag of black pepper jack doritos to try and fill in for the loss of caffiene

437am - startin to lose it, tryin to do a bit of exercise to stay awake, though not certain i could fall asleep if i wanted to. listenin to dropkick murphys in hopes that the upbeat musica will help

445am - losin focus big time, steppin outside for a few in hopes the cold will wake me back the hell up

500am - goin outside definately worked, but now im just confused as to what this next part of the project is askin me to do, o well, back to work. plus its 5am, this is new territory for me

530am - half hour till sunrise, too close for AI, im switchin to JAVA

600am - final entry. got nearly no JAVA done, just losin it all around. AI still needs some work, but got a lot out of the way. finally gonna get a bit of rest, lookin like 3-4 hours worth, then back to work. Well, this has been quite the event for me, ill have to do it again sometime, though hopfully not too soon. Hiya there mr. sun, now go away so i can sleep

no he never returned

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New and Colorified

Well its finally here. The new Comic is upon us. I know it took a bit longer than I had planned, but I think it was worth it. This one is colored and inked using the same technique as the last one. Hopefully when it becomes more feasible, some real inks will be gettin laid down. Now for a bit of explanation about the comic, in the Resident Evil series, no matter how fucked up you were, if you ate one of the magical herbs, you'd be cured. That's all you need to know. I'm hoping to get the next comic up by friday so I can be back on schedule by next wed, but I just realized I have yet to settle on a script. I'll prob be able to get it down tomorrow though once I make a decision.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to rant about this whole 'One Year Later' bidness that DC is tryin to pull. Basically, after this whole 'Infinite Crisis' thing ends, all the comics jump a year ahead(hence the name). However, the OYL arcs have launched while there are still two IC issues to go. I don't really get it. Oh, also, after IC ends, 52 starts, which is a weekly comic chronicling the year that was lost, which was apparently a year without the big three: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. While I've been very skeptical about this, considering DC has the worst delays ever, I picked up the first Batman OYL(Detective Comics #817). You win DC, it's awesome. Gordon's all like 'bat signal' and Batman and Robin are all like 'lets kick some old school ass.' It just feels like that Batman of yore when he just went out and was a detective and was awesome, before the whole emo Batman thing. I'll be getting it, at least until this arc ends, and I'll be giving 52 a try. Let's hope for once I'm wrong and it's all awesome. A tip of the hat to you DC, apparently you're not all idiots.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well Poo

Ok, so by the time I got back, I forgot where I was goin with that whole 'arcades are dead' rant. If I ever remember, it'll find it's way here, cause that's the only way any one will bother to listen to me rant about arcades. So the comic is still not done, but I have a good reason aside from all that school crap. It's about three times as large as the previous two and its more action oriented. Also, I'm gonna try and see if my brother can ink it and I'm goin to try and color it too. So depending on how long this whole process takes, I may or may not continue getting it inked or colored. It's all part of the process that you get to suffer through along with me. I wish I had one of those crazy awsome tablet things. The guys a Penny Arcade use one of them and their shit looks awesome. I just love the inking done on it, talk about your nerdgasms. You will be happy to learn I am forgoing any sort of work to finish this comic by the end of the weekend so I'm in like crunch mode or something.

Alright, now it was a light comic week so reviews are gonna be short, and considering they're late, thats probably a good thing.

First off Marvel(which has a newly redesigned website, really cool stuff, you should check it out). A pair of Spider-Men this week, first up is Sensational. Angel Medina continues to make this book look amazing. The story is intriguing even though I really have no idea if it has much more direction than 'person A' fights 'person B'. But this arc has a way to go so hopefully it'll make more sense as time goes on. And the way it ends is pretty shocking. Overall, a decent book, but still better than Hudlin's run on Marvel Knights, and as sad as it makes me to say, better than the last issue of Amazing. Now Ultimate Spider-Man. You don't realize how spoiled you are reading a consistently awesome comic until you come across a dud, or in this case, come off of a dud arc and into an awesome one(Silver Sable was a really weak arc, just admit it). Bendis does great again and throwing Kitty in there never hurts. This is the first appearance of Ultimate Deadpool and it does not dissapoint. I just can't wait for the banter next issue.

Now a bit of indie stuff. IDW's Transformers: Infiltration, another solid issue with some action and good plot movement. I still can't figure out everyone's freakin name, I mean most of them look identical aside from a few colors. Anyway, it is definately picking up speed and this looks like it will go down with the Marvel Transformers as some of the best stories told. Next is Invincible. I have made no attempt to hide my love for Robert Kirkman and he does it again in this issue. If you hate blood and gore, please for God's sake do not pick this one up. Great read from start to finish and I always yell at this comic when it ends. I'm glad to see this getting back on schedule and you should be picking this one up.

Lastly is DC Vertigo's American Virgin. From the bible belt to the chastity belt as the cover says. A solid read and sets things up for the rest of the mini. I can't say much without spoiling it, but it's about a virgin who is proud of it and things start to fall apart around him. I'm definately on for the next issue

Well, a bit longer than anticipated, but that's what happens. I'll be back in a few days(hopefully) with the new comic up and perhaps some more to rant about.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well, this weeks comic is gonna be late. Sorry bout that, but I've got way too much extra (read: school) work to get done. So I'm guessing that will be up by friday or so and then I should be back on schedule by next Wednesday. Instead of a hilarious comic that will leave you in stitches, here comes a hilarious post.

It's a fact that makes me sad, but I'm not so sure many people feel the same way. The arcade is gone. No longer can you go to a darkened room full of flashing light and games all around. That was always my favorite part of goin anywhere that was remotely near an arcade. Somehow it would pull me in, like some sort of mystical force that is in everything around us...but that's all gone now. Any arcade I used to frequent has since been shut down and replaced with some store or something with one pac-man machine. I miss walking up to capcom vs. marvel machine and destroying whoever was at the other side and havin his posse flip out that this little kid just schooled him. That's gotta be the thing I miss most, hanging out and playin games with people you don't really know, but they sure as hell know how move a joystick and push some buttons. Huh, that doesn't sound right. Oh well, I'll just let it go. Oops again, it appears its comic time, be back later to finish this rant and get some comic reviews goin.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Even You can be a HERO

Well, apparently no one knows who Uwe Boll is. Damn non-nerds. Anyway, today's comic deals with some fears I have involving letting some of my friends play my most cherished game. Oh, and I've used a different technique for the inking of this one and I think it looks hella better. Also, if anyone feels they can color these things, and wants to, drop me a line because I'm no good at that sorta thing.

Well, this week marks the 20th anniversary of the nation-wide launch of the NES in the good ol' USA. I know I've been playin a bunch of mario and megaman, not to mention some TMNT. I suggest you do the same, cause without the NES, we wouldn't have the wonder that is Guitar Hero, and for that it gets mad props. I know I've never been happier that I bought an NES a number of years back after my first one was given away. It's hard to explain, but those games just have the charm that a lot of today's games lack.

Damn, now I know I had more to talk about, but it escapes me now. Comic reviews will be up later today since it is before noon right now and comics come out then. Although, here's one to hold you over: V for Vendetta #1 - It's so awesome I can't put it into words. Watchmen is mainly what Alan Moore is known for, but this is such a departure from that. Also with the movie coming out soon, you may want to check it out, it'll be worth it, trust me. OK, be back later for today's more up to date reviews.


Comic review time: First up is Marvel. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man #5, the first Peter David book since "The Other"(as is the other spider-man crossover you shouldn't bother with). This thing is just great. Peter was made to write Spider-man and Miek Wieringo's art matches the writing style perfectly. Nice to see that at least 2 of 3 spider-man series are doin good. Next we have a double shot from my favorite writer Robert Kirkman. Marvel Zombies #4 continues the tale of a zomified marvel universe, this issue is a bit weaker than the previous 3 but still a good read. I'm lookin forward to the final issue of this mini to see how it all ends. Then theres Marvel Team-Up #18, the finale to the 'League of Losers' arc. I loved this from the beginning and it ends in a very satisfying, although suprising way. We can only hope Kirkman gets more Marvel work soon.

Ultimate Marvel is next. Only one this week and that is Ultimates 2 #10. This is consistently the best Ultimate book available, sadly delays have hurt this series as it seems to be months and months in between releases. This is a great issue and it's definately reaching a breaking point. Helloooooo glorious action sequence that is sure to happen in next issue. Hopefully that comes within the next 4 weeks.

Finally we have DC. Batman Annual #25 explains Jason Todd's return, leaving nothing to question. Finally we have an answer as to why Batman's second Robin is back kickin ass. Good stuff all around. Then we have Infinite Crisis #5. It's always interesting how they try to make something to attract new readers when you need to know years of continuity to make any sense of this mini. I do the continuity and if you take the time to figure some things out, this is definately worth a read. And those eagle-eyed among you will recognize the one page spreads that reflect Crisis on Infinite Earths when Supergirl died, and Action Comics #1. Good nerd service for us. If you've been readin this all along, this shouldn't be missed, but please, for God's sake, don't try and jump on here. Oh and this is supposed to shove the DC universe into 'One Year Later.' Yeah, good luck with that.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Game Time Baby!

Well, I mentioned it last time and here it is. The redonkulous new feature is launching today. Remember byou have to be an Awesomely Cool Member. Now, to qualify for who am I kidding, the fact that you're even reading this makes you Awesomely Cool in my book. So some of you may or may not know of this, but my buddy Jon and I have been writing these short comics that have turned out hilarious thanks to my pencils. Today's offering was pretty much entirely written by Jon and illustrated by yours truly. The inking process is still a bit wobbly, but we'll get the kinks worked out along the way. Well, enough talk, here you go.

Now these updates probably won't be entirely regular, but we have a lot of scripts done and a lot of ideas still flowing. So, while I make no promises, I'm gonna do my best to get a new one up each wednesday. Let us know what you think of it by posting comments at the bottom, you don't need to be registered, but leaving your name would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and I look forward to hearin back from my peeps. Oh dear Lord, I just said 'peeps', excuse me while I throw up.

Ok, now that thats out of the way, time for real quick comic reviews. I'm not done all the ones from this week so expect another update later. First, Marvel 616, Astonishing X-Men...just amazing. Joss Whedon continues he and John Cassaday's run with #13 after a several month hiatus and it was worth the wait. If you're a fan of any of Joss' work, or a fan of the X-Men, this is a book worth checking out. We learn more about Emma and Hellfire, and its sure to heat up soon. Next is Amazing Spider-man#529, nothing all that amazing here(pun intended). A new art team is onboard, and while I will miss Mike Deodato, these guys know whats up. Spidey gets his new costume and tries it out, enjoy.

Now Marvel Ultimate, Ultimate Spider-man #90, another solid issue featuring Ultimate Vulture. It's kinda hard to say anything bad about this series except it keeps up the same amount of awesomeness, that I'll be gravely dissapointing when a bad one comes along, if it ever does. Next is Ultimate Deadpool and the countdown to #100 and the breaking of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's record. Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2 of 6, great great book, and on time, which is impressive considering its the guy who writes Lost. This goes into how Banner survives the Bomb and gets around. Next issue = super awesome fight scene, I can't wait.

Finally we have DC. Supergirl #5, a premature end to Jeph Loeb's run, but a solid issue that wraps things up nicely and sets the stage for One Year Later. Im not gonna explain what that means here, maybe another time. The tale of the two supergirls is over and itll be interseting to see where the next team takes her.

And thats that. Off to read more comics, and mayhaps draw some more as well...

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

I am Batman

Sadly though, I am not millionaire Bruce Wayne, just the kick ass part...although havin lots of money is pretty kick ass, but whatever. I've been a bit addicted to Batman: The Animated Series, which is, and i dont think I'm exaggerating here, the best cartoon ever made. Great story, great art (I love Bruce Timm), and each episode is like a mini movie. And the "Heart of Ice" episode is just amazingly awesome, Mr. Freeze has never been so cool(pun not intended). This is the show that made Batman and actually showed him correctly. No incarnation will ever match up to it.

Well, I figure I'll do a quick rundown of this past week's comics, I know its a bit late, but I've been busy with Batman things. This is a lighter week than last so prepare to read less.

First off is Marvel stuff. We're now past the mid way point on X-Men: Deadly Genesis(4 of 6) which is supposed to be this awful thing that professor Xavier has done in the past, but thus far, nothing is really that awful. I mean, he acts like a bit of a jerk and all, but I don't hate him or anything. Apparently the ending to this issue has been all over the interweb for some time, I never saw it, but it is a bit surprising and it'll be interesting how the fit everything in with continuity. Overall, this issue wasn't as great as previous efforts, but still keeps me interested enough to finish it out. Next is The New Avengers. For those that don't know, the old ones died so now they have "NEW" ones. This was a good read, although a bit out of date with the post "House of M" thing. Click the link and watch the videos with house of m in the title to get caught up on that. It is very cinematic in style and the art is amazing, and Alpha Flight makes a brief appearance...I wont go into the end of said appearance. Nice issue but I'm looking forward to the next one to explain what the hell is going on.

Wow, that was pretty long for just two comics...the IDW ones will be a bit shorter. First the two liscenced products: Transformers: Beast Wars - THe Gathering, longest title possible. It's based on the CGI show from a few years back, which was awesome by the way, and takes place either before all the stuff from the show or not so clear on that one. This wasn't very interesting and I doubt I'll pick up the rest of this mini. Now, Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty, second longest title possible. It's based on the PS2 game from Konami and famed creator Hideo Kojima. Now this is interesting because it makes Raiden somewhat likeable and coolifies the convoluted story from the game. With Fatman taken care of, I'm interested to see where this is gonna go.

Finally we have the comic of the month. I know it's not the end of the month but it doesn't matter: Supermarket. It involves New York (futuristically i think), the Yakuza, a girl whos family is murdered, and some a-freakin-mazing art. Written by Brian Wood(of DMZ fame) this is not one to be missed. Great storytelling sells this book and the characters and Brian Wood is becoming a favorite writer of mine and I'm really diggin IDW.

Well, not quite as short as I'd originally hoped, but there you have it. Now I will be launching a new feature on here soon but you need to be an Awesomely Cool Member to see it. More details on both of them shortly. Well, I'm off to stop the riddler...or something.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I just realized that I refer to a lot of things as awesome, but of course, they are all awesome. Anyway, another comic day has come and gone and I couldn't be happier. Now I realize that anyone reading this pretty much couldn't give two shits about the comics I read, but I figure I can plug my favs. And away we go.

Transformers are back with a new vision. It's only to issue 2 and its fun as hell. Good to know the robots in disguise haven't gone entirely. I'm interested to see where it goes and it appears the big guns (optimus and megatron) are gonna show up soon.

Invincible remains as probably the best superhero comic book in the universe! Think of this as image's response to Spider-man, the every-man who's dad is a superhero and he inherits the powers. There is much more too it with great characterization couopled with great action. Every issue is amazing and this weeks has proved no different. I am further drawn in by the awesomeness that is Robert Kirkman. Everything he writes just oozes of goodness. He's also writing a mini for marvel entitled "Marvel Zombies." It's exactly as it sounds, imagine all your favorite mavel heroes as blood thirsty zombies...good stuff.

Next up we have Supergirl. You know Supergirl, Supermans cousin, pretty much the same except its a girl and she wears a miniskirt. And no, I don't read it for the miniskirt, you weirdo. After a several month hiatus, Jeph Loeb returns with another superb issue. Only two left before he makes the jump to Marvel and he will certainly be missed on this book. Lex Luthor bit off more than he could chew and the stage is set for the two Supergirls to face off. My thoughts and heart go out to Jeph who recently lost his son to cancer and he's more than welcome to take as long as needed to get the next issue out, its gonna be great anyway.

Now for the marvel comics. First the Ultimate universe. For the uninitiated, the ultimate books(x-men, spider-man, etc) are the reinvention of the character we already know. For the most part it's very exciting. Ultimate X-men continues as the awesome Robert Kirkman writes for the second of his (i believe) seven issue stint and its interesting, but in a very good way. I love his take on the X-Men and he seems to be one of the few that realized these are teenagers for the most part and it a breath of fresh air after BKV's more serious run. Ultimate Extinction is the arrival of Galactus(think big dude covered in purple, rolls with silver surfer). It seems like it may be interesting, but has yet to really pick up steam but theres four issues left for that so I have faith.

And finally the Marvel 616 universe, that means the one you know. Cable & Deadpool takes a turn for the serious this issue which is normally filled with hilarity by Deadpool. He takes a backseat in this one as Cable is shown to be smarter than anyone thinks and fights Captain America, good read. Sensational Spider-Man...Was calles Marvel Knights: Spider-Man for issues 1-22 and for the past four it was caught in an outrageously played out crossover "the other" in which he died and came back and gained new powers. Still with me? Ok, now that theres a good writer and an amazing artist(Angel Medina, yes THE Angel Medina...::sigh:: he did spawn) its as good as ever. Its about damn time Spider-Man got back to bein awesome.

Well, that about does it for this week, I may do this regularly, who knows. Time to maybe do something productive...or watch some arrested development, I haven't decided yet.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ah, The Pixel

One Pixel. One Pixel started it all. One Pixel bouncing back and forth in an attempt to capture the fun of table-tennis in a program. One Pixel has evolved into millions of polygons. Ah, the Polygon. Some of you will remember the first mascot to use the polygon. And while im on the Sony side of things these days, they had the worst idea ever in polygon man. It was this awful creepy purple spikey dude, but it did show us the future, whether we knew it or not. It's hard, hell maybe even close to impossible, to find a game that is not touched by polygons in some way. And now we have a (sorta) real reason to celebrate these wonders, the pixel and the polygon. Hell, they've even worked together in some good ones. But anyway, the wonderful people at CAD came up with Winter-Een-Mas. A glorious idea to celebrate games.
I for one know im tired of having to defend my choice of relaxation to freakin everyone. It is almost always referred to as a 'waste of time' by those that don't get it. Going by that logic, watching TV is a waste of time, or a movie, hell even reading. You can do all by yourself in solitary confinement but video games is the one that gets picked on. If only these people would take one minute to look at what games do, they bring people together, and they can have the most engrossing story better than any movie. But, ya know what? I'm not going to bother defending them here, this is my house(props stewie), and I'll do whatever I damn well please. So I beg of you, sometime in the next week, play a game. Any kind, and do it with friends, its not that you sit down and tell everyone how you played gta for 10 hours, its having friends there to enjoy those 10 hours with you. I know I have a few plans in mind. Tomorrow it's s/nes time, and beyond that who knows, but it'll be awesome. Oh, and by the way, I BEAT ALL SONGS ON GUITAR HERO ON EXPERT!!! (yes, even 'cowboys from hell' and 'bark at the moon')
So, now that that's over with, here's to you Pixel. Your days may be numbered, but you will never be forgotten.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Superhero's Playlists

So I'm sittin around readin comics listening to my music and I start thinking, 'what would these guys listen to while they're relaxin.' So here's my guesses:
Batman - Johnny Cash; it just seems like they'd get along well
Superman - Allman Brothers; you don't grow up on a farm and not listen to them
Wonder Woman - The Donnas; the song 'take it off' seems to be what she'd do
Spider-Man - Bruce Springsteen; both are the everyman, just seems natural
Wolverine - AC/DC; he just needs that guitar
Captain America - CCR; he's ironic like that
The Hulk - The Bee Gees; underneath that green skin is a man achin' to dance
Blade - The Band; dunno why, just have a feelin'
Deadpool - Grand Funk Railroad; if you know who he is, it makes sense
Daredevil - Rush; a blind dude needs nutso sounds
Punisher - Todd Rundgren; he can't be that angry all the damn time
Supergirl - Jay-Z; shes likes to be a rebel
Marv - Led Zepplin; come on, a guy that kicks that much ass has to
And there you have it, maybe ill do super villians next time.

Oh, and it appears it's a new year. Here's to new beginnings, new hope, and new experiences. I hope the new year brings some good to you all. Hopefully I'll see ya there.

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