Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Do Wah Diddy

Well, its been quite a while huh? About a month and a week since the last update. See the thing is I got a full time job so that takes all of my time, and thats sitting in front of a computer so usually the last thing I want to do once I get home is to sit in front of a computer. Anyway, some quick movie reviews and update on the comic are in order.

Lets cover the comic first. Now that Im at home, ive lost access to a scanner. I can run into the library in newark, but usually im just not up for it. With the loss of the scanner comes a huge delay in the comic. Im still sittin on a crap load of scripts and keep writing new ones every few days as things pop into my head. So when I get a scanner back they'll be plenty of updates. But yeah, until then the comic is on haitus, which may last until the end of summer.

Now about movies, I went to see X3 and Superman Returns. Ok, X3, I went into it with such low expectations I came out satisfied. Sure it wasnt as good as it would have been if Singer was behind it, but I think the way they went about the cure was interesting even though there were fair amounts of plot holes. Like why didnt they cure Jean instead? But some of the depowerings were surprising and I like to be surprised. It was decent, and while I cant entirely recommend it to anyone, a fan of the X-Men should enjoy it as long as the understand its a different interpretation of the characters they know from the comics or the cartoon.

As for I wish Singer stayed on X-Men, Superman was awesome. Everything youd want from a Superman film. While a few of the shots annoyed me because it was very predictable like when a helicopter falls out of frame and you're supposed to go "Oh no, they're gonna die!" But then the camera stays put and it comes back into frame. He did that a few too many times. Also, Im not so sure how i feel about the kid aspect, its interesting, but Superman can never be with Lois without breaking up a family...just kind of depressing. But these are just a few hangups in an otherwise brilliant film. Long live Singer and him directing movies with people running around in tights.

I think thats about it, Im still readin comics and all, just no energy to post reviews. Civil War is awesome, Ultimate Spider-Man is realllly dragging and I quit on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man. But the trailer for Spider-man 3 is out, looks all kinds of awesome. Ok, thats it for now, expect more sporadic updates as the summer progresses

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