Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Three comics in 6 days, nuts. New one's up Here. Full post coming later, comic time

Ok, this was a HUGE comic week so I'm gonna forgo the usual rant about nothing in particular and get right into comic reviews. Quick reminder best to worst: supercool, superawesome, superneat, superok, superlame.
Civil War #1 - supercool
Now this is the way to start a huge 'change everything' crossover. Mark Millar hits every note of this issue perfectly and this are set up to actually cause some real changes. Also Steve McNiven is doing some of his best work yet. Great team and I can't wait to see #2 and get some real lines drawn.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 - superok
Mike Wieringo is back on art duties and its great, however this book just isn't doin it for me anymore. Peter David is great at writing Spider-Man, it's just that his story ideas are not that interesting or original. This issue just felt a lot like filler that could have been done in about a third as many pages. This title is teetering on the line of being dropped.

Ultimate Spider-Man #94 - superok
This week has not been kind to ol' webhead. This issue finishes of the Deadpool arc in disappointing fashion. Spidey feels like a guest in his own book and this Ultimate Deadpool doesn't interest me in one bit. Here's hopin the arrival of Morbius provides some better stories.

Infinite Crisis #7 - supercool
If Civil War is the way to start a crossover, Ininite Crisis #7 is the way to end one. Everything gets wrapped up and I got chill multiple times during this issue, one specifically when the two Supermen teamed up to take on Doomsday. It's nice to see how everything leads into 52, although I prob wont be able to pick that up. Great ending and a great successor to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Detective Comics #819 - superawesome
Robinson continues this great Face the Face arc that makes Batman just great. Not too much happens here, but its still a great Batman story and I'm really lookin forward to see whats goin on with Harvey Dent.

Supergirl #6 - superneat
Rucka puts in a good issue and...what?, thats his only issue? damn. Yeah, apparently he decided to drop this book before he even got started. This whole damn thing is confusing and I'll be interested to see if this new writer can keep this series intersting and maybe explain what the hell is going on.

TMNT #27 - superneat
Peter Laird continues his outrageously slow run on the new TMNT and it has yet to live up to its potential. Again we get a bunch of mini parts of stories that dont add up to a whole. This is moving along decently, but I really wish it would pick the hell up.

Tales of the TMNT #22 - superawesome
Now THIS is how the ninja turtles are supposed to feel. This is a great story with some awesome art when the foot were still a threat. I love this book top to bottom and I can't wait until they start their Leanardo mini. Great stuff, if you like ninja turtles, this is definately worth a try.

Well thats all for me. Overall this was a good week with a few duds, but mainly just a good solid comic week. And I sure hope next week is a lot lighter because my wallet cant take too many more weeks like this.

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