Monday, May 01, 2006

And I was all like Wiiiiiiii

Ok, the next COMIC is up. That makes up for the two Weds I missed and if all goes according to plan, another one will be up by this Wed. I know I promised comic reviews last time, but I don't have them on hand to do anymore so I'll just say Asonishing X-Men is definately worth checking out. Oh, and Villians United was awesome. Some real reviews will be comin your way on this Wed when both Infinite Crisis #7 and Civil War #1 come out. Talk about your Nerdgasms. I'm sure you've all heard about Wii(pronounced 'we'). And I've gotten most of the puns out of my system by now...except this one: 'I can't wait to have everyone come over and play with my Wii all night long'. Whatever Nintendo, we all know you're crazy, just make good with the games. I thought I had more to rant about, o wait, i kinda do. E3 is about a week away and I'm freakin pumped. I should get a comic up next week as well, but its hard to tell considering what kinda news is goin on if i get a chance or if im too busy starin at videos of games that I'll have to wait months to play. Yeah, that just about does it, until Wed, keep your locoroco in check.

with all your power

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