Friday, April 28, 2006

I hate school

Well, It's been over two weeks. Just when I thought the comic was gettin back on schedule, I manage to screw that up again. I'm here to reasure you though, I'm gonna pump out the next two comics today and try and get back on sched so the new one should be up by wed. Also, when I get the comics up, I'll update with some comic reviews. I'm sure you've all heard about the Wii. I'm not Nintendo's biggest fan, but damn do they have some balls. And It'll give them the separation they want from PlayBox and such. Plus it gives them another out if they do as bad this time around in the system sales department as they did with the cube in comparison to their competitors. Be back later with an update of ultimate proportions.

New COMIC is finally up. A Slight change of plans though, this arc comes to a close with this comic and I'm hoping to get another one up by the end of the weekend, but worse comes to worse, I'll be back on sched with wednesday. Also, sorry for the shodiness of this one, I apparently forgot how to draw.

havin a good time

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