Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back on Top

The comic is finally back on schedule. New one's up here. Comic reviews will be up later today. Oh, and it turns out, if you play violent video games, you are predisposed to abuse alcohol, drugs, and have sex without a condom. Who knew?

And I'm back with some comic reviews. Actually got my Moon Knight today so thats what we'll start off with.
Moon Knight #1 - supercool
It's about damn time a competent writer does justice to Doug Moench(the Moon Knight creator/definer). This issue, while a quick read, throws quite the twist in at the end. I read the previews over and over again and nothing prepared me for the end of this. I can't wait for the next issue. Also, it didnt hurt that Finch is the artist and is doing some of his best work yet.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #7 - superneat
This finally shows some good writing on the part of Peter David, it's too bad the idea isn't all that original and it kinda falls apart towards the end. But even so, this book is stayin on my pull list as David shows he knows how to inject the right Spider-man type comedy into any situation.

Ultimate Spider-Man #93 - superawesome
This has some nice action and some good Deadpool. And there's never enough of Deadpool. Bendis writes another great issue and is back on top when it comes to Spider-Man and Bagley never lets up with the action. Great story, and theres a nice twist at the end that will probably throw most people for a loop, although I think I know whats up with that.

Transformers: Infiltration #4 - superneat
Not too much happens throughout the issue, some new plot threads are thrown in there but nothing too alarming...that is until the end. The last page makes this issue worth the buy and is definately keeping me on for the next one.

American Virgin #2 - superawesome
This is quite the interesting read. An odd concept to make a comic about but with some great characters and another great final page, I can't wait to see where else this crazy book is going to lead.

cause time is really all that i need

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