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Well, another comic day has come and gone, and I am without Moon Knight. As much as I obsses over him, the comic shop sold out before I got mine. Well, that leads into the next few comics, I've put the work I did over spring break on the back burner because, well, this is just more pressing. This is my first attempt at an arc which should prove interesting and it will be up later in the day. Moving on, Microsoft bought mate? Lionhead only made games for windows anyway, seems like a bit of confusion. Also, Rockstar's new game is (drum roll please)...Table Tennis? Yeah, quite the odd week in the world of videogames. O well, on with the comic reviews, it was a big week. Quick reminder of the review policy:
From best to worst - supercool, superawesome, superneat, superok, superlame

Marvel starts us off:
Marvel Zombies #5 of 5 - superawesome
This mini is sadly over. This is a solid read with plenty of surprises and quite the action, and the cover alone is worth the price. Definately check this one out if you dont have a problem with a bit of the ol' blood and gore.

The Punisher #32 - superneat
A pretty interesting issue, but doesn't really move anything along but show how this barracuda dude is angry and some guy cries to Frank. I'm hopin the next issue moves things along better.

Ultimate Spider-Man #92 - superneat
For a Deadpool arc, he's not very involved yet. This was another solid issue and finally brings the X-Men into the book, considering how long Pete and Kitty have been goin out, its about time. And dont forget about "Big Giant Russian Metal Man" otherwise known as Colossus.

Ultimate X-Men #69 - superok
What? Only superok on a Kirkman book? Well, this isn't his fault, it's the artists fault. The question of the Phoenix is brought up once again by the Shi'ar and theres some other goings on in the mansion, but Oliver's art does not suit this book at all. Here's hopin they get another artist for the rest of this arc.

Whats that? Oh, you want a turn DC, well...ok:
Detective Comics #818 - superawesome
Another great Batman book, and the identity of whom is finally revealed. Another villian is murdered and things just get crazy. Im really hoping this leads to the return of Two Face, as the cover is kinda screamin that fact. If you like Batman, this is not one to miss.

Infinite Crisis #6 - supercool
Wow, just wow. This issue finally puts all the crazy crap together and things really start happening. I can't say much else without spoiling things, but damn, this was a great issue and I can't wait for #7.

Inifinte Crisis Special: The OMAC Project #1 - superok
The OMAC Project was one of my favorite lead ins to Infinite Crisis so I was expecting more I guess. This was really just an extra story that was never really in question anyway. A decent conclusion to the mini, but not worth the $5 cover price.

Finally Image gets its turn:
The Walking Dead #27 - superawesome
This series just keeps getting better, after a misprint last week, I'm even more happy with this issue. After a bit of a lull around #24, Kirkman has kicked up the awesome meter to new heights. If you like zombies at all, please give this book a look.

Ok, thats all for now, as mentioned earlier, new comic will be up later in the day. See ya then.

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