Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well Poo

Ok, so by the time I got back, I forgot where I was goin with that whole 'arcades are dead' rant. If I ever remember, it'll find it's way here, cause that's the only way any one will bother to listen to me rant about arcades. So the comic is still not done, but I have a good reason aside from all that school crap. It's about three times as large as the previous two and its more action oriented. Also, I'm gonna try and see if my brother can ink it and I'm goin to try and color it too. So depending on how long this whole process takes, I may or may not continue getting it inked or colored. It's all part of the process that you get to suffer through along with me. I wish I had one of those crazy awsome tablet things. The guys a Penny Arcade use one of them and their shit looks awesome. I just love the inking done on it, talk about your nerdgasms. You will be happy to learn I am forgoing any sort of work to finish this comic by the end of the weekend so I'm in like crunch mode or something.

Alright, now it was a light comic week so reviews are gonna be short, and considering they're late, thats probably a good thing.

First off Marvel(which has a newly redesigned website, really cool stuff, you should check it out). A pair of Spider-Men this week, first up is Sensational. Angel Medina continues to make this book look amazing. The story is intriguing even though I really have no idea if it has much more direction than 'person A' fights 'person B'. But this arc has a way to go so hopefully it'll make more sense as time goes on. And the way it ends is pretty shocking. Overall, a decent book, but still better than Hudlin's run on Marvel Knights, and as sad as it makes me to say, better than the last issue of Amazing. Now Ultimate Spider-Man. You don't realize how spoiled you are reading a consistently awesome comic until you come across a dud, or in this case, come off of a dud arc and into an awesome one(Silver Sable was a really weak arc, just admit it). Bendis does great again and throwing Kitty in there never hurts. This is the first appearance of Ultimate Deadpool and it does not dissapoint. I just can't wait for the banter next issue.

Now a bit of indie stuff. IDW's Transformers: Infiltration, another solid issue with some action and good plot movement. I still can't figure out everyone's freakin name, I mean most of them look identical aside from a few colors. Anyway, it is definately picking up speed and this looks like it will go down with the Marvel Transformers as some of the best stories told. Next is Invincible. I have made no attempt to hide my love for Robert Kirkman and he does it again in this issue. If you hate blood and gore, please for God's sake do not pick this one up. Great read from start to finish and I always yell at this comic when it ends. I'm glad to see this getting back on schedule and you should be picking this one up.

Lastly is DC Vertigo's American Virgin. From the bible belt to the chastity belt as the cover says. A solid read and sets things up for the rest of the mini. I can't say much without spoiling it, but it's about a virgin who is proud of it and things start to fall apart around him. I'm definately on for the next issue

Well, a bit longer than anticipated, but that's what happens. I'll be back in a few days(hopefully) with the new comic up and perhaps some more to rant about.

any love is good love

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