Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wait, What?

Today was the weirdest comic day of all time. First I get there about 5 minutes late, then there's freakin no one in there. So I think to myself 'self, this is quite odd, o well, better just grab my comics.' I go to my box to find that they pulled NOTHING for me. I should have had about 6 books waiting for me, instead, nada. So I gotta go get all my books myself, which isnt too bad, except they were out of Ultimate Spider-Man. You mean to tell me that the second Deadpool issue is not here? WTF mate? To top it all off, well, ill get to the problems I ran into later in the reviews, speakin of which: enjoy!

Ok, first off I've devised a new way to review books, I came up with a rating of sorts

supercool - can't miss, no reason you shouldn't plunk down your money
superawesome - great book, if your a fan of good stories, you should check it out
superneat - good story, nothing special to go out of your way for, but shouldnt miss if you were plannin on grabbin it
superok - decent at best, not terrible, but maybe best saved for a borrow from a friend
superlame - just plain awful, avoid at all costs

Lets start this off
First is Marvel
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #5 - superawesome
Finally this mini starts to come together and Xavier finally shows and hes...well, i wont ruin it for you. But if that excites you, dont miss out. I'm lookin forward tot he final issue, should be a blast.
The New Avengers: Illuminati - superneat
Intersting explanation of things and leads nicely into Civil War, but not that great of a story and feels a bit rushed. Best part is the three page preview of Civil War #1 in the back.

Now its DC's turn
All Star Superman #3 - superneat
Lays some intersting threads for the rest of the 12 issue(i assume) run. Morrison is the best thing to happen to Superman in a long time and its worth checkin out.
Batman: Year 100 #1&2 - supercool
This book is just amazing. It's like the spiritual sequel to Frank Miller's Return of the Dark Knight. I came a bit late on this one, but if you're a fan of Batman, or great comics in general, do yourself a favor and hunt this one down because it should not be missed by anyone.

Time for indies Mirage is first
Tales of the TMNT #21 - superneat
If you're a fan of old school turtles, this shouldn't be missed. A good story but nothing as spectacular as this series has shown in the past.

Next is Virtigo(which is a DC joint i believe)
DMZ #5 - superawesome
Brian Wood's other book, Supermarket, is my book of the month two months running so i figured Id check out DMZ. This was a very good read with an interesting take on a demilitarized manhattan in the future I assume. Cool story and characters and I may have another book to add to my pull list depending on how the next issue goes.

And finally Image
Invicible #30 - superneat
Kudos to Kirkman finally gettin this book back on schedule. A solid read as always from Kirkman, but not all that amazing, it more just wraps up the previous arc and sets some things in place for a while to come.
Walking Dead #27 - superlame
Well, my copy was anyway. To add to the worst comic day of all time, my copy was misprinted and i got the first half repeated twice. Hopefully full review will be up tomorrow when i replace it. The lesson here is to flip through this book to make sure the whole issue is there before buying it.

Also, a quick update on the comics, finally settled on the next few and started layouts in the ol' noggin. Pencils should be gettin down tomorrow and we should be set for a while.

im gonna play it regardless

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