Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well, this weeks comic is gonna be late. Sorry bout that, but I've got way too much extra (read: school) work to get done. So I'm guessing that will be up by friday or so and then I should be back on schedule by next Wednesday. Instead of a hilarious comic that will leave you in stitches, here comes a hilarious post.

It's a fact that makes me sad, but I'm not so sure many people feel the same way. The arcade is gone. No longer can you go to a darkened room full of flashing light and games all around. That was always my favorite part of goin anywhere that was remotely near an arcade. Somehow it would pull me in, like some sort of mystical force that is in everything around us...but that's all gone now. Any arcade I used to frequent has since been shut down and replaced with some store or something with one pac-man machine. I miss walking up to capcom vs. marvel machine and destroying whoever was at the other side and havin his posse flip out that this little kid just schooled him. That's gotta be the thing I miss most, hanging out and playin games with people you don't really know, but they sure as hell know how move a joystick and push some buttons. Huh, that doesn't sound right. Oh well, I'll just let it go. Oops again, it appears its comic time, be back later to finish this rant and get some comic reviews goin.

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