Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New and Colorified

Well its finally here. The new Comic is upon us. I know it took a bit longer than I had planned, but I think it was worth it. This one is colored and inked using the same technique as the last one. Hopefully when it becomes more feasible, some real inks will be gettin laid down. Now for a bit of explanation about the comic, in the Resident Evil series, no matter how fucked up you were, if you ate one of the magical herbs, you'd be cured. That's all you need to know. I'm hoping to get the next comic up by friday so I can be back on schedule by next wed, but I just realized I have yet to settle on a script. I'll prob be able to get it down tomorrow though once I make a decision.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to rant about this whole 'One Year Later' bidness that DC is tryin to pull. Basically, after this whole 'Infinite Crisis' thing ends, all the comics jump a year ahead(hence the name). However, the OYL arcs have launched while there are still two IC issues to go. I don't really get it. Oh, also, after IC ends, 52 starts, which is a weekly comic chronicling the year that was lost, which was apparently a year without the big three: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. While I've been very skeptical about this, considering DC has the worst delays ever, I picked up the first Batman OYL(Detective Comics #817). You win DC, it's awesome. Gordon's all like 'bat signal' and Batman and Robin are all like 'lets kick some old school ass.' It just feels like that Batman of yore when he just went out and was a detective and was awesome, before the whole emo Batman thing. I'll be getting it, at least until this arc ends, and I'll be giving 52 a try. Let's hope for once I'm wrong and it's all awesome. A tip of the hat to you DC, apparently you're not all idiots.

i like mine with lettuce and tomato

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