Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Even You can be a HERO

Well, apparently no one knows who Uwe Boll is. Damn non-nerds. Anyway, today's comic deals with some fears I have involving letting some of my friends play my most cherished game. Oh, and I've used a different technique for the inking of this one and I think it looks hella better. Also, if anyone feels they can color these things, and wants to, drop me a line because I'm no good at that sorta thing.

Well, this week marks the 20th anniversary of the nation-wide launch of the NES in the good ol' USA. I know I've been playin a bunch of mario and megaman, not to mention some TMNT. I suggest you do the same, cause without the NES, we wouldn't have the wonder that is Guitar Hero, and for that it gets mad props. I know I've never been happier that I bought an NES a number of years back after my first one was given away. It's hard to explain, but those games just have the charm that a lot of today's games lack.

Damn, now I know I had more to talk about, but it escapes me now. Comic reviews will be up later today since it is before noon right now and comics come out then. Although, here's one to hold you over: V for Vendetta #1 - It's so awesome I can't put it into words. Watchmen is mainly what Alan Moore is known for, but this is such a departure from that. Also with the movie coming out soon, you may want to check it out, it'll be worth it, trust me. OK, be back later for today's more up to date reviews.


Comic review time: First up is Marvel. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man #5, the first Peter David book since "The Other"(as is the other spider-man crossover you shouldn't bother with). This thing is just great. Peter was made to write Spider-man and Miek Wieringo's art matches the writing style perfectly. Nice to see that at least 2 of 3 spider-man series are doin good. Next we have a double shot from my favorite writer Robert Kirkman. Marvel Zombies #4 continues the tale of a zomified marvel universe, this issue is a bit weaker than the previous 3 but still a good read. I'm lookin forward to the final issue of this mini to see how it all ends. Then theres Marvel Team-Up #18, the finale to the 'League of Losers' arc. I loved this from the beginning and it ends in a very satisfying, although suprising way. We can only hope Kirkman gets more Marvel work soon.

Ultimate Marvel is next. Only one this week and that is Ultimates 2 #10. This is consistently the best Ultimate book available, sadly delays have hurt this series as it seems to be months and months in between releases. This is a great issue and it's definately reaching a breaking point. Helloooooo glorious action sequence that is sure to happen in next issue. Hopefully that comes within the next 4 weeks.

Finally we have DC. Batman Annual #25 explains Jason Todd's return, leaving nothing to question. Finally we have an answer as to why Batman's second Robin is back kickin ass. Good stuff all around. Then we have Infinite Crisis #5. It's always interesting how they try to make something to attract new readers when you need to know years of continuity to make any sense of this mini. I do the continuity and if you take the time to figure some things out, this is definately worth a read. And those eagle-eyed among you will recognize the one page spreads that reflect Crisis on Infinite Earths when Supergirl died, and Action Comics #1. Good nerd service for us. If you've been readin this all along, this shouldn't be missed, but please, for God's sake, don't try and jump on here. Oh and this is supposed to shove the DC universe into 'One Year Later.' Yeah, good luck with that.

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