Monday, March 20, 2006


No new comic here, no comic reviews, right now its about 330am and theres no end in sight to my work. It appears this will be my first real all nighter. Yup, three years of college almost gone and this is my first, also the first time I ever drank coffee, nuts huh? So anyway, ive decide to chronicle the events of the night cause i thought it might be funny.

1150pm - started to get tired so decided to take the plunge. walked up to dunkin donuts and bought my first coffee ever: french vinilla.

1230am - finally settled down to start workin on my AI project thats due in about 34 hours

2am - coffee almost gone and i just realized the the last hour and a half of work was useless so i have to start all over again. also, computer starts bein super gay and i have to restart it

215am - caffiene kicks into high gear and i go nuts for a good 15-30 mins

300am - still goin nuts on caffiene, but settles enough to get lots of work done

330am - all work done between 300am and now doesnt work, gotta debug this mothafucka

335am - just realized work done between 300-330 useless, starting over #2

400am - finally have something working, but still have a ways to go before i can get to sleepy sleeps. also caffiene high starting to crash, feel tired in head region, but eyes refuse to shut, which is good cause i need to stay awake

415am - just realized i stopped my music about 45mins ago when i went to the bathroom, turned it back on and opened bag of black pepper jack doritos to try and fill in for the loss of caffiene

437am - startin to lose it, tryin to do a bit of exercise to stay awake, though not certain i could fall asleep if i wanted to. listenin to dropkick murphys in hopes that the upbeat musica will help

445am - losin focus big time, steppin outside for a few in hopes the cold will wake me back the hell up

500am - goin outside definately worked, but now im just confused as to what this next part of the project is askin me to do, o well, back to work. plus its 5am, this is new territory for me

530am - half hour till sunrise, too close for AI, im switchin to JAVA

600am - final entry. got nearly no JAVA done, just losin it all around. AI still needs some work, but got a lot out of the way. finally gonna get a bit of rest, lookin like 3-4 hours worth, then back to work. Well, this has been quite the event for me, ill have to do it again sometime, though hopfully not too soon. Hiya there mr. sun, now go away so i can sleep

no he never returned

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