Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ah, Spring Break

It's quite a wonderful feeling. A week of nothing. While I don't exactly do much work while school's in session, I feel like less of a slacker when I don't do anything when shool's out. For once im just gonna relax, read some comics, catch up on video games, and sleep lots. It's been a while since the last comic and such, so I'll be using spring break to pencil the next months worth at least so that they can go up in a regular fashion. And it's a bit late, and will include last weeks, but heres some comic reviews.

Lets switch things up by going with DC first this time. Detective Comics #817 and Batman #651, parts one and two of 'Face the Face' arc which is 8 parts and crosses over both titles. I believe it all ends with the return of Two Face, who had his face fixed, but it turns out, he's still nuts. Good reads overall, nice feeling to them. Really the first good batman story ive read in a long while. Now, Infinite Crisis: Secret Files, sheds some light on what happened between the last crisis and this one. And interesting read that fills in some gaps, but nothing sensational.

Now for Marvel, New Avengers #17, great read, great art, starts to make some sense out of what will lead into Civil War. Plus Deodato is handlin the art so im a bit biased here. Next, two Spider-men, Friendly Neighborhood #6, Peter David continues to prove why he should write a spider-man series. This one feels a bit disjointed and I was sad to see that Wieringo didn't handle the interiors, but Cruz does a good enough job. Amazing #530, this really leads into Civil War, I mean, on the cover it says "Road to Civil War". Tony and Pete go to Washington to talk about the superhuman registration act, and then spidey's new costume gets an upgrade. Pretty good read, but feels more like its trying to hard to be a civil war lead in than a good spidey story. Now the Ultimate line, only one this time: Ultimate X-Men, Kirkman finishes off his first 3 part arc amazingly and Tom Raney does great on art. I'm loving his take and theres a nice twist at the end. Also, it was announced at Wizard World in LA that he will be the new permanent writer for UXM in the near future. This makes me a happy nerd.

Now, Kirkman had another book come out, this one through Image: Walking Dead. This series is definately starting to pick up steam again and leads to a very interesting revelation which should push this title to greater goodness.

Finally we have IDW, Supermarket #2 is out and its amazing. Brian Wood does it again and the art is just great. I think I'm going to have to name this book of the month two months in a row unless something blows me away next week. There is not reason you should be missing this one. Next we have Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty #5, its starting to take some liberties on the story in the game which is cool. Not the best read if you don't know the game, but if you're a fan, check it out.

Everything should be back on schedule after Spring Break so expect some more hilarity to come by way of comic and rambling posts. Oh, also I may start reviewing video games here to so you can look forward to that. Until next time, I'll be the blue guy stealing everyone's weapon.

it was gonna happen anyway

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