Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Game Time Baby!

Well, I mentioned it last time and here it is. The redonkulous new feature is launching today. Remember byou have to be an Awesomely Cool Member. Now, to qualify for who am I kidding, the fact that you're even reading this makes you Awesomely Cool in my book. So some of you may or may not know of this, but my buddy Jon and I have been writing these short comics that have turned out hilarious thanks to my pencils. Today's offering was pretty much entirely written by Jon and illustrated by yours truly. The inking process is still a bit wobbly, but we'll get the kinks worked out along the way. Well, enough talk, here you go.

Now these updates probably won't be entirely regular, but we have a lot of scripts done and a lot of ideas still flowing. So, while I make no promises, I'm gonna do my best to get a new one up each wednesday. Let us know what you think of it by posting comments at the bottom, you don't need to be registered, but leaving your name would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and I look forward to hearin back from my peeps. Oh dear Lord, I just said 'peeps', excuse me while I throw up.

Ok, now that thats out of the way, time for real quick comic reviews. I'm not done all the ones from this week so expect another update later. First, Marvel 616, Astonishing X-Men...just amazing. Joss Whedon continues he and John Cassaday's run with #13 after a several month hiatus and it was worth the wait. If you're a fan of any of Joss' work, or a fan of the X-Men, this is a book worth checking out. We learn more about Emma and Hellfire, and its sure to heat up soon. Next is Amazing Spider-man#529, nothing all that amazing here(pun intended). A new art team is onboard, and while I will miss Mike Deodato, these guys know whats up. Spidey gets his new costume and tries it out, enjoy.

Now Marvel Ultimate, Ultimate Spider-man #90, another solid issue featuring Ultimate Vulture. It's kinda hard to say anything bad about this series except it keeps up the same amount of awesomeness, that I'll be gravely dissapointing when a bad one comes along, if it ever does. Next is Ultimate Deadpool and the countdown to #100 and the breaking of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's record. Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2 of 6, great great book, and on time, which is impressive considering its the guy who writes Lost. This goes into how Banner survives the Bomb and gets around. Next issue = super awesome fight scene, I can't wait.

Finally we have DC. Supergirl #5, a premature end to Jeph Loeb's run, but a solid issue that wraps things up nicely and sets the stage for One Year Later. Im not gonna explain what that means here, maybe another time. The tale of the two supergirls is over and itll be interseting to see where the next team takes her.

And thats that. Off to read more comics, and mayhaps draw some more as well...

life's been good to me so far

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