Monday, January 02, 2006

Superhero's Playlists

So I'm sittin around readin comics listening to my music and I start thinking, 'what would these guys listen to while they're relaxin.' So here's my guesses:
Batman - Johnny Cash; it just seems like they'd get along well
Superman - Allman Brothers; you don't grow up on a farm and not listen to them
Wonder Woman - The Donnas; the song 'take it off' seems to be what she'd do
Spider-Man - Bruce Springsteen; both are the everyman, just seems natural
Wolverine - AC/DC; he just needs that guitar
Captain America - CCR; he's ironic like that
The Hulk - The Bee Gees; underneath that green skin is a man achin' to dance
Blade - The Band; dunno why, just have a feelin'
Deadpool - Grand Funk Railroad; if you know who he is, it makes sense
Daredevil - Rush; a blind dude needs nutso sounds
Punisher - Todd Rundgren; he can't be that angry all the damn time
Supergirl - Jay-Z; shes likes to be a rebel
Marv - Led Zepplin; come on, a guy that kicks that much ass has to
And there you have it, maybe ill do super villians next time.

Oh, and it appears it's a new year. Here's to new beginnings, new hope, and new experiences. I hope the new year brings some good to you all. Hopefully I'll see ya there.

love is a burnin' thing

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