Sunday, November 06, 2005

I love the 80s

Yes, I realize that the show is in its third (yes THIRD) incarnation, but this isn't about some grab for ratings. Of course, the interweb doesn't really have ratings so that should be obvious. Anyways mainly I'm talking about the cartoons. If you've turned on Saturday morning cartoons recently, you've noticed that old shows have gotten the once over and made for a new generation. The lovable TMNT are on Fox with a darker tone and are not the pizza eating cowabungaing guys of yesteryear. These guys fight like ninjas. Transformers has had a few shows since the old days of G1, and now G.I.Joe is on the comback trail with a show that follows those crazy Ninja Toitles in the Sat morning lineup. While they keep the characters alive, the spirit of the old campy shows are lost. Instead of everyone having red and green lasers that they shoot, they use bullets. The new episodes end with a cliffhanger, not a big laugh. While there's nothing wrong with that, in fact I find myself enjoying some of these new shows, It's hard not to compare it to the originals. Hell, I caught five minutes of the new looney tunes show. No, no that kind of looney tunes, I believe it's called "Loonatics" where they're all super heroes and look really jagged. I guess it's just a sign of my age. Some of those old shows don't exactly hold up over 20 years as well as you'd think. While it's interesting to revisit those old days with the advent of tv shows on dvd, just watching the shows doesn't give the full effect. Part of the magic of them was the memories attatched to them. It was about watching it sat morning with friends and then talking about how shredder got shredded for the rest of the week. The shows were good, but the friends made them great. I love the fact that the old tradition of Sat mornings in front of the TV hasn't completely faded, it is definitely a different world we live in. And if you happen to be up and turn on fox or wb and check out whats on, dont expect the same old shows, but be ready for some crazy new fangled action. The new theme songs are weird too, but thats for another time. For now, just recall that G.I.Joe was there, There was more than met the eye, and our Heroes were in a half shell...Turtle Power!

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