Monday, October 17, 2005

People with Cars

Ok, now I'm relatively pissed here. What the hell is up with people that are driving, or riding, in cars and their need to yell at people walking by? Is that some kind of right I missed in drivers ed? Yeah, you're real tough saying some shit and then driving off. Oh, lets yell "Run Forest Run" a few hundred more times. Yeah, and while we're at it, why don't you just call me the "weakest link." Since you jackasses are all so original lets hit some more dumbshit things while they're no longer popular. Have I been "voted off?" "Is that my final answer?" Shut the hell up. And once someone called me a geek. OK, im not gonna debate that, but what kind of ass just yells that at random people walking down the sidewalk? You people with your damn cars and your dickness really freakin piss me off. The world would be much better off if you would crash that stupid gas guzzling SUV that you're driving around trying too hard to look cool in. Guess what? You're a TOOL! Friggin dumbasses.

Alright, Im done...for now.

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matt gerstley said...

yea i hear that... i thought it was just a newark thing. i cant walk down the street without someone yelling out of their daddy's lexus SUV "YOU HAVE HERPES"

and while we are on the subject of bullshit driving tendencies in newark, drivers need to learn that they have to fucking stop on main street when people want to cross the street. thats what the stop signs are for. there would be less middlefingering of pedestrians if people looked at the damn signs