Monday, October 24, 2005

NESin it up

It's been decided. The NES is the greatest game system ever made. And while there were many great games to grace it, Duck Hunt stands out as one of the best. Oh, and I'm also freakin awesome at Duck Hunt. I can nail those suckers from as far away from the screen the cord will let me go. Also, I hit one while shooting behind my back. One bullet, one duck, one amazing shot. Yes, I know, I know, I'll sign autographs as needed. I'm sure you're all clamoring to talk to me and congratulate me now, but just remember, I put my pants on two legs at a time like the rest of you. But anyway, I sometimes wonder if these awesome games will be lost on today's youth. A kid who was brought up with ps2 and the like probably won't want anything to do with 2D. It is a sad truth that I think most of us will have to face when we describe how we used to eat dots with a yellow circle and got chased by ghost to our grandchildren and watch their confused faces as they go play the new virtual reality gizmo. We are a dying breed those of us of the NES generation. Always remember your roots and whenever you think today's world of gta's and halo's is too violent and depressing, just set up your old NES and enjoy the good old days when games were more about the gameplay and not the graphics. Here's to you Nintendo Entertainment System(or Famicom depending on where you're from), that you will never be forgotten.

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